November 3

Boat winterizing Kit


Boat Winterizing afloat

Boat winterizing : If there is a step NOT be neglected in the annual maintenance of the boat, it is this one, the boat winterizing !

Prevention is better than cure!

Boat winterizing : If your boat is left unattended, is almost certain to have bad surprises. Because when, arrived to your boat in spring and the desire to go out at sea, you find your boat with the inside to clean because there is mold everywhere, not to mention the corrosion on the engine and the electrical system.

That’s why we come up with a boat winterizing kit including the necessary for the winterizing of boat :

  • Aquaclean freshwater tank disinfectant
  • Moisture absorbers
  • Additive for fuel tank (diesel or gas)
  • Storage oil for gasoline engine
  • Pura Tank Blackwater Tank Cleaner
  • A spray of WD 40 to protect the electrical circuits and the outside of the engine.
  • Our intervention on board for boat winterizing

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Winterization of the boat engine

Whatever the brand of your engine, the winterizing method is almost the same with a few small details. If you do not winterize the boat’s engine and it stays in the water you have two solutions:

  • Start the engine at least once every 15 days to avoid corrosion attack. It must be started long enough for it to reach normal temperature and even a little longer. This can be provided as part of our boat maintenance packages
  • Winterize the engine completely and plan a spring start, contact us for a quote

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