Neosil Antifouling long lasting silicone based innovation

New product : Long lasting, silicone based Antifouling

New! A long lasting silicon based Antifouling Neosil for your boat in Cannes, Antibes, Golfe-Juan or elsewhere on the French Riviera


antifouling carénage antibes cannes golfe juan cote d'azur


At Master Yacht Services, we strive to get innovative and eco-friendly products, that’s the case with Neosil. We have choosen to be Neosil official dealer for the South of France through our online nautical store or live in the ports.

What is Neosil Antifouling?

carénage antifouling cote d'azur antibes cannes, entretien de bateauIt is an antifouling free from heavy metals or biocides ahead of the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) regulation that is coming in 2020. Neosil antifouling meets Lloyd’s and IMO’s guidelines.

This paint is silicon based which makes it very slippery for algae or barnacles. It is a hard kind of silicon based paint so it does not peel itself hence the fact it lasts 7 years.

With one coat, the bottom of your boat, yacht is protected against barnacles or anything that usually sticks to the underwater part of the boat. With Neosil Antifouling, an extremely hard and smooth paint the results is higher speeds and fuel savings of up to 8%.

  • Easy to apply by yourself (buy it here) or have it done professionally by our team of antifouling silicon boat maintenance antibes, cannes golfe juan entretien de bateau cote d'azur alpes maritimesantifouling application
  • Durable antifouling, the coating remains intact and will last for years
  • Easy to clean : can be removed easily
  • Very easy to repair in case of minor damage
  • Smooth and shiny look
  • RAL colors available (If you want a yellow, pink and green bottom paint that’s possible)

Because it contains no heavy metals and biocides, Neosil is the perfect environmentally friendly solution for your underwater hull.

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